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Michigan drunk boating

In Wake of Michigan’s New Drunk Boating Law – Judge Orders up to 15 Year Prison Term

A 32-year-old Chesterfield Township drunk boater was sentenced to 5-15 years in the Michigan State prison for causing the death of two people near Harsens

Michigan OWI forensic toxicology

New FOIA Rules Make Defending a Michigan DUI Easier

If you have been arrested for DUI in Michigan, and have found and retained a top DUI defense attorney to represent you, then he or she will be using a variety

drunk boating murder charge

Drunk Boater Charged with Murder for Causing Death

Governor Snyder recently signed legislation reducing Michigan's drunk boating legal limit from .10 to .08.  This means that more boaters in Michigan might find

Barone on fox2 news detroit

Barone Appears on Fox 2 News Detroit Morning Show to Dispel Top 10 Myths of DUI

As the 2014 countdown to New Year’s Eve continued, Michigan DUI lawyer Patrick Barone appeared on the Fox 2 News Detroit morning show to talk about drinking


Can I Fight an Illegal Michigan DUI Traffic Stop?

Yes, you can fight an illegal Michigan DUI traffic stop.  Your Michigan DUI traffic stop will be based on an application of the Fourth Amendment in the United

end michigan dui

Want to Avoid a Michigan DUI? Now there’s a DUI App for That!

A new app funded in part by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration along with the State of Maryland, is now available for free download for android

brain waives

Grand Rapids Driver Charged with OWI after She ODs on Heroin

A grand rapids Michigan driver recently overdosed on heroin and crashed her car. According to the grant a 21 yo nearly ran into two people and ended up crashing

michigan DUI laws

Michigan DUI Laws say that if You Let a House Guest or Office Party Guest Drive Drunk – You Could go to Jail!

According to Michigan DUI laws, under certain circumstances, if you host a house party or an office party, and knowing allow an intoxicated guest to drive a car

Funny Christmas man

This Holiday Season Don’t Risk Going to Jail for Allowing Intoxicated People to Drive

Everyone in the State of Michigan is well aware of the fact that it is against the law to drive while intoxicated or impaired; either by alcohol or drugs.  If


Polo Mogul Gets 16 years in Prison for DUI Causing Death

South Florida International Polo Club Palm Beach founder and so-called “Polo Mogul” John Goodman drove his Bentley Continental GTC convertible at 63 mph

Michigan OWI forensic toxicology

Something’s Rotten at Heart of Forensic Evidence in DUI Cases

In an interesting article in ChemistryWorld, a publication of Royal Society of Chemistry, suggests that something may be “rotten at the heart of US forensic

driving under the influence of marijuana

New Breath Test Will Determine if You are Driving While Stoned

According to the police, stoned driving is on the rise everywhere, including in Michigan.  In Michigan the increase in stoned driving is likely due to medical


Police Officer DUI Stop Based on Random Automatic License Plate Reader Invalid

A seminal 2006 Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals decision paved the way for random license plate searches as a basis to stop a motor vehicle.  This means that a


Michigan DUI Lawyers Organization MIAOWIA to Host “Success in Defending DUIs” Seminar

An organization of Michigan’s top DUI defense lawyers will be hosting a seminar in December entitled: Success in DUI and DUID? Yes YOU can! Learn how to take

Justice is served

Barone Defense Firm DUI Lawyer Keith Corbett Gets Another Not Guilty!

Barone Defense Firm DUI Lawyer Keith Corbett recently got another not guilty verdict for one of the Firm’s DUI clients.  This case took place in the Troy

DUI in Progress

Michigan DUI Lawyer Offers Tips For Staying Out of Jail on Biggest Bar Night of the Year

In bars and pubs across the country, the night before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest nights of the year. College students and extended family members come

Police issue PBT

BestBuy’s New Bluetooth Breathalyzer a Dangerous Toy More Likely to Cause DUI than Prevent it

A company called “Breathometer” has introduced a device it calls the “Breeze.”  According to the company this device “has a fuel cell sensor built-in

Ryan Ballard

Barone Defense Firm Continues to Grow in Michigan with the Addition of a New Associate Attorney

The Barone Defense Firm, Michigan’s largest DUI Defense Law Firm, is pleased to announce the hiring of an additional associate attorney Mr. Ryan Ballard. Ryan

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