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Barone to Speak at NCDD 2014 Summer Session

Patrick Barone has accepted an invitation from the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD) to speak at their 2014 Summer Session. The intensive seminar will be

Michigan OWI forensic toxicology

Court Allows Forensic Toxicologist to Lie with Impunity

An Appeals Court in Ohio has ruled that a woman who served 20 years in prison, in part due to the false testimony of a forensic toxicologist, can’t sue

2012-11-21 17.07.24

First Weekend of Summer is Top Weekend to Drive Drunk

A very non-scientific “pole” shows that people drank more during the first weekend of the summer than at any other time during the year.  That would mean

Doctor with medical marijuana

Marijuana Positive Drivers Involved in More Fatal Crashes

A new study from University of Colorado suggests that the number of fatal car crashes involving marijuana have increased significantly since the


New Police Laser Gun Can Detect Drunk Drivers from Roadside

A newly developed laser gun that police can use from the side of the road can detect drunk drivers from a distance.  Called “stand-off” detection, this new


Worldwide Whiskey Shortage Certain to Curb Drunk Driving in Michigan

Worldwide demand for whiskey, and in particular, Tennessee Whiskey, is creating a whiskey shortage. And with less whiskey around, one wonders if there will be a


NFL Considers Suspending Players One Game for DUI Conviction

The NFL has a “nagging” problem – too many players drive drunk.  This despite the fact that a privilege of NFL membership is a no questions asked free

heap of American dollars (closeup)

Bad Driver Tax to be Eliminated in Michigan

Earlier this week the appropriations committee voted to phase out Michigan’s driver responsibility fee, also known as the Michigan bad driver tax.  The issue


Secret Method to Beat a Breath Test!

There’s a secret the police don’t want you to know about breath testing.  A secret so good, that once you know it, you can beat a breath test every


Top 7 Reasons Not to Drive Drunk This Memorial Day Weekend

Everyone knows that it is illegal – and dangerous to drive drunk.  Here are the top 7 reasons, in reverse order, to not drive drunk this Memorial Day weekend

heap of spa candles close-up

After a Drunk Driving Death, the Power of Forgiveness Heals

Perhaps one of the most tragic drunk driving accidents in recent memory involved the simultaneous death of a mother and her two boys, aged 12 and 9.  The


Factually Specific Warrant Required to Draw Blood in DUI Case

If you were arrested for drunk driving in Michigan, and your blood was drawn, the results of the blood test cannot be admitted into evidence unless either you

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