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Michigan DUI death serious injury

Michigan DUI Causing Death or Serious Injury Penalties Increased for High BAC Operators

In Michigan, if you commit a DUI that results in the serious injury or death of another, and at the time of operation you have bodily alcohol level of .17 or


How to Avoid Relying On Bogus Credentials When Searching for a Top Michigan DUI Lawyer

Seems like every time I turn around there is some new awesome distinction being offered to me.  Funny thing is, the same distinction is being offered to all of

Business fraud

Disregard Bogus Credentials When Searching for a Michigan DUI Lawyer

Searching for a top Michigan DUI lawyer can be a confusing endeavor.  With so many different lawyers all claiming to be highly credentialed experts, it's hard

Jail is common for some Michigan DUI offenses

Woman’s Text Confessing She Was Drunk Driving Causing Death Could Bring Second Degree Murder Charge

After breaking up with her boyfriend, a 22 year old woman sent a text message to her ex indicating: “drunk driving, I’ll be dead thanks to you.” 

chris show

Filmed in Detroit – Be Sure to Watch Investigation Discovery’s Breaking Point Thursday Night!

Filmed in Detroit and featuring local attorney Patrick Barone, Breaking Point’s Thursday night episode is described by the Investigation Discovery web site

Costs in Michigan DUI

Fines for Drunk Driving in Michigan Raise Overall Cost of Drunk Driving

All drunk driving offenses in Michigan are punishable by, among other things, fines and costs.  If the crime charged is a first offense drunk driving,

Officer administering HGN

Once Again Lawful to Refuse Roadside Sobriety Testing in Michigan

At the end of last year Michigan’s law makers presented a bill to Governor Synder which, among other things, made it unlawful to refuse a roadside sobriety


Significantly More People Driving Under Influence of Drugs Concludes NHTSA

In 2013 and 2014 the National Highway Traffic Safety Agency used what many have called illegal means to stop drivers and surreptitiously test them for drugs and

Don't drive drunk in Michigan.

Europe Seeks to Require Breathalyzer Interlocks for All Cars and Drivers

In the United States, breath alcohol ignition interlock devices (BAIID) are typically required only for those who have been convicted of drunk driving.  In

Police Officer with Handcuffs

Michigan Drunk Driving Laws Changed Back to Favor Law Enforcement

It has been well reported that the Michigan Legislature messed up late last year when they changed the Michigan drunk driving laws in such a way that field

driving under the influence of marijuana

Seminar on Michigan Drugged Driving Involving Marijuana and Prescription Medications

The fastest growing area of Michigan DUI defense for both law enforcement and lawyers is drugged driving involving marijuana and other prescription and

Justice is served

If You Were Convicted of Drunk Driving Based on a Faulty Breath or Blood Test – Good luck Getting it Reversed!

When it comes to drunk driving cases in Michigan, things have changed a lot in recent years.  Pressure from the defense bar, as well as pressure from the

Ryan Ramsayer

Michigan DUI Lawyer Ryan Ramsayer Offered Hearing Officer Robert Bandy’s Job

Due to his demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the applicable areas of law, Barone Defense Firm Senior Associate Ryan Ramsayer was asked to apply for the

Barone & Kavinoky

Breaking Point – Investigation Discovery’s New Show Featuring DUI Lawyer Darren Kavinoky

DUI Attorney Darren Kavinoky’s latest endeavor is a new take on the crime show genre.  Called “Breaking Point” the new show chronicles the devastating

boyle GR news head shot.cropped

Michigan DUI Lawyer Mike Boyle’s Partnership Featured in Grand Rapids Legal News

Grand Rapids Michigan DUI Lawyer Mike Boyle recently made partner at the Barone Defense Firm, and was further honored with a brilliant interview at the Grand

Doctor with medical marijuana

Pot Smoking Drivers Eighty Times Safer Than Drinking Drivers

Michigan’s law against operating while intoxicated covers any kind of intoxication by any kind of drug.  This includes prescription and non-prescription

driving under the influence of marijuana

Is Driving Under Influence of Medical Marijuana Illegal in Michigan?

Driving under influence of marijuana is illegal In Michigan  whether or not you have a Michigan medical marijuana card.  However, if you do not have a medical

marijuana driving michigan

Drivers with Pot in Their System up by Fifty Percent Since 2007

According to the Government statistics, (National Highway Safety Administration), in the last forty years, the number of drunk drivers on the road is down by

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