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Barone Defense Firm62.175The Barone Defense Firm's mission is to help our client's win back their lives.  If your life has been disrupted by a drunk driving arrest in Michigan, then then we would would like to help you win back your life by providing solutions to your legal and broader life issues.

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Michigan Officer Talks about Dangers of Driving Under the Influence of Drugs in Michigan

In a recently posted podcast a Michigan police officer talks about his training as a Drug Recognition Evaluator or DRE. He also talks about the “overwhelming

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New Guide to Michigan DUI Laws

If your life has been disrupted by a Michigan DUI arrest, then you are probably looking for answers. Trouble is, you’re not a lawyer, and don’t know exactly

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Birmingham Michigan DUI Lawyer Named to Leading Lawyer Magazine Advisory Board

Birmingham Michigan DUI lawyer Patrick T. Barone was recently appointed to the Leading Lawyers Magazine Advisory Board.  Mr. Barone has additionally been named


Kennedy Found Not Guilty of Driving Under Influence of Ambien

In July of 2013 Ms. Kerry Kennedy crashed her Lexus SUV on a New York highway. The accident also involved another vehicle.  The accident caused her vehicle to


Driver Who Blows .000 Still Arrested for DUI!

(Yahoo News) A Texas man ran a red light and was stopped by police.  As part of the investigation the driver, Mr. Larry Davis, was given a preliminary


Name Released of Troy Officer Arrested for Super Drunk Driving

The name of the City of Troy Police Officer arrested for Michigan super-drunk driving at the end of January, 2014, has been released to the press.  The 12-year


Uncertainty in Michigan Breath Testing

There is great uncertainty in Michigan breath testing. This uncertainty can sometimes be used to keep breath test results out of evidence in Michigan DUI


DUI Marijuana 11 Times More Dangerous than DUI Alcohol

Researchers from Columbia University recently reported that if a person is under the influence of alcohol, their chances of being involved in an accident are 13

Ashamed man in handcuffs

“Mango” Arrested for DUI Drugs

Former Saturday Night Live actor Chris Kattan, known for such rolls as Mango and as one of the head-bobbing disco loving brothers, among others, was arrested

Justice is served

Boyle Gets Another Michigan DUI Case Dismissed!

Barone Defense Firm Senior Trial Lawyer Mike Boyle was recently able to earn a complete and final dismissal for one of his clients by showing that there was no


Judge Throws Out DUI Alcohol Test Due to Rights Not Being Read

If you are arrested in Michigan for drunk driving, and the police do not read you your implied consent rights, then under the right facts it might be possible


How Politicians Have Made a Mess of Michigan DUI Laws

Drunk driving in Michigan was once a relatively minor traffic offense.  Michigan DUI laws started to change around the same time that MADD began to become a

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